About us

Epopsis undertakes the task of providing you with products, services or task-specific support for needs in the drone aerial work field, as well as anti-drone surveilance and protection.


To responsibly manage Unmanned Aerial Systems for the safe, efficient and effective undertaking of aerial work.

To protect privacy and security, for individuals and organizations, by employing advanced anti-drone technology, systems and tactics.

To provide exceptional, seamless operations and products with a consistent customer-centered orientation and focus on total quality.


Epopsis is currently the only company in SE Europe providing products, services and support in the field of both Drone and Anti-Drone operations, employing expert certified pilots, engineers and management, to cover all aspects of aerial work, aligned with the regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority or other competent authority.

We offer a wide range of products, services and support for photography, filming, mapping, modelling, inspection, surveilance, for both commercial and HNWI requirements.

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