DroneShield BaseProcessor

About This Project

Drone Detection Without Internet Connection Requirement

DroneShield BaseProcessor collects audio data from DroneShield sensors and compares it to known acoustic signatures in our loaded database, without requiring internet connection. When it finds a match, the BaseProcessor issues instant alerts via SMS, email, or alarm systems through JSON, XML, or dry contact relays. Designed for use with both WideAlert and FarAlert sensors. Each Processor is able to support up to 20 sensors.

Benefits of DroneShield BaseProcessor:

  • Versatile: Does not require internet connection (note: optional internet connection may be activated by the user for technical support and periodic drone database updates). Ideal for situations where internet connection is not possible or desired
  • Accurate: Same precise identification of known acoustic signatures as our cloud based products
  • Real Time:Instantly notifies you of drone activity