DroneShield DroneSentry

About This Project

Autonomous Detection & Countermeasure

DroneSentry combines DroneShield® Long Range Sensing and RF and/or GPS jamming technologies to create an effective detection and countermeasure against drone threats. The unit has an effective range of up to 1km across a 90 degree arc. Four DroneSentry units can defend a 360° perimeter with a 1km radius. The DroneSentry system is programed to detect and respond to drone threats autonomously. The system also allows for countermeasures to be activated manually.


Integrated Detect and Defeat Solution: Automatically detects and disables incoming drone threats
Anti-Swarming Capability: Effectively disables multiple incoming drone threats within its effective range
Modular: A compact design allows for effective transport and assembly
Durable: Weather-resistant and rugged design protects the technology in harsh environments

Project in Development– Final product is subject to significant change due to development requirements