DroneShield FarAlert Sensor

About This Project

Far-Reaching Drone Detection

The DroneShield® FarAlert Sensor offers extended-area detection up to 10 times as far as our standard WideAlert sensor.  A narrow, 30-degree beam reaches up to 1km in length, providing detection coverage up to 500 yards above ground at maximum length. Device includes 2-foot dish designed for mounting to standard cell antenna base station masts. Ideal for industrial installations for detection over longer distance. Sensors can be configured remotely using The DroneShield® User Interface. During design, DroneShield® can advise on number of sensors necessary to achieve your desired scope of coverage. The DroneShield® FarAlert Sensor is also CE, FCC and RHoS compliant.

Benefits of the DroneShield® FarAlert Sensor:

  • Far reaching: Concentrated, extended-range detection up to 1km
  • Convenient:Remotely configurable using The DroneShield® User Interface
  • Durable: Weather-resistant
  • Accurate:Able to distinguish drone activity from common environmental noise sources