DroneShield User Interface

About This Project

Continuous, Online Monitoring of Local Drone Activity

The browser-based monitoring application that lets you view and control DroneShield’s detection activity. A visual and audio interface delivers live readings from DroneShield sensors, providing real-time visibility to surrounding acoustic activity. User Interface is accessible from any standard web browser, including mobile device portals. Remote access to DroneShield sensors allows you to check status, listen to sensor audio, respond to real-time alerts and configure your system from any location.

DroneShield User Interface displays alert information and other critical sound and system data. Response is coordinated through distribution lists that you control.

Benefits of DroneShield User Interface:

  • Scalable: Platform is built on a back-end infrastructure that scales to any size
  • Immediate:Reports live, ongoing activity
  • Flexible:Can be used for low-cost, single-sensor residential protection or enterprise-level installations
  • Convenient:Can be accessed and configured remotely from any web browser, wherever there is Internet connectivity
  • Compatible:Easily integrates into existing security systems

User Interface is included with purchase of any DroneShield detection system.