DroneShield WideAlert Sensor

About This Project

Broad, Full-Range Drone Detection

Our WideAlert sensor provides 180-degree coverage of local acoustic activity. Small size and multiple color options allow for inconspicuous installation. An all-weather design withstands extreme outdoor conditions and distinguishes common environmental noise sources from drone activity. Sensors can be configured remotely using DroneShield User Interface. Ideal for suburban and urban environments. The DroneShield® WideAlertSensor is also CE, FCC and RHoS compliant.

Benefits of DroneShield WideAlert Sensor:

  • Broad coverage: Provides 180-degree range of detection
  • Inconspicuous: Simple, downsized design allows for discreet installation
  • Designed for outdoor accuracy:Weather-resistant and filters common environmental noise
  • Convenient:Remotely configurable using DroneShield User Interface