EPOPSIS offers a wide spectrum of drone aerial services ranging from commercial photography and videography, to industrial and maritime inspection, mapping, modelling, thermography, construction progress review, precision agriculture, surveillance, search and rescue, as well as respective consultancy.


Our fields of action are in real estate, infrastructure, tourism, sport, maritime, manufacturing, exposition and congress, agriculture, security, but our scope extends to that of our clients’ needs for aerial work.


Depending on the project, we are working closely with a number of experts, such as engineers, scientists, surveyors, agriculturalists, agronomists and audio visual professionals. We provide the best result and deliver our clients not with fragmented output, but with a complete end product and a tool for growth.


Our operations are always in line with local legislation on drone use and we will comfortably explore all options for aerial work. Our operators are certified aircraft pilots with extensive knowledge on all aviation matters.


We discuss needs, plan with our clients and partners, provide insight and expertise and execute the aerial work with seamless operations and our unparalleled commitment to deliver positive end results.


Whatever your mission, contact us today to start planning.



A side-effect of the rapid growth of the UAV business is the increasing use of UAVs for unethical purposes. Be it violation of privacy, safety or even the extreme, but unavoidable threat to critical infrastructures and national security, the requirement for effective and efficient countermeasures, becomes an imperative.


EPOPSIS offers counter-drone services customized to the specific needs of our clients. We analyze the threat, build a solid plan for countering potential attacks and provide customized equipment solutions and services in identifying targets, neutralizing them and recovering forensic information.


Partnering with DroneShield, the world’s top manufacturer of anti-drone equipment, EPOPSIS utilizes systems, tactics and resources to ensure and deliver “drone-free” no-fly zones for private, commercial or government applications.


Delivery of Anti-Drone Services or Products may depend on restrictions related to respective legislation. EPOPSIS always adheres to all provisions of the law.